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"Merry Christmas and many thanks for all you do everyday to make our lives more manageable and have more quality and meaning."

– Sheri H. (client)

"Ms. Lisa (caregiver),

Thank you so much for helping my Mama get back to good health. You are such a wonderful lady with a sweet soul. God Bless!"

– Celeste P. (daughter)

"The lady who stays with me is just perfect as well as the staff at the office. They gave my family peace of mind and have been very helpful during my recovery."

– Marilyn R. (client)

"I use Pinnacle Personal Care as my "go to" company for my needs. I have a feeling of safety, care and companionship knowing someone is there for me."

– Donna P. (client)

"Dear Pinnacle Personal Care,

Thank you for your professional and compassionate care of my mother. I contacted you on a very so short notice asking for someone to stay several nights with my mother in the hospital following her surgery. You responded immediately and sent us an angel. She treated my mother with kindness and respect. She worked tirelessly through the nights to make my mother comfortable. Words cannot express the gratitude my mother, sister, and I feel for your help."

– Lynn F. (daughter of client)

"Thank you Mrs. Thomas,

For showing you cared about me. I'm back at work now, thanks for being you. You're so kind!"

– Marielin F. (client)

"The personal attention and compassion as well as the assigned chores in the household have been carried out in a very professional manner with the utmost concern for my health and safety."

– F. Whitford (client)

"Please send me the same caregiver when my wife comes out of the hospital. I refer to her as my gentle giant."

– Garret L. (client’s spouse)

"Your male caregiver went above and beyond when my husband was at the end of life. He came out and shaved my husband's face to make him feel special before he died. I am forever grateful for his love and compassion."

– Fran C. (client’s spouse)

"My caregiver is such a jewl. She is always dependable and a constant help to my wife and me."

– James R. (client)


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