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Mission Statement Philosophy Pinnacle Personal Care is committed to providing cost effective, compassionate care to our clients. The care we provide will enable our clients to live with as much dignity and independence as their condition permits, providing peace of mind to our clients and their families. We will provide these services in many settings including homes, nursing homes, assisted living homes, and hospitals, or where ever they reside. As our services are client directed and client specific, our qualified and professional staff are able to meet our clients’ individual needs in every case. Pinnacle Personal Care enhances lives by providing one-on-one, non-medical assistance to elderly, disabled or injured persons so they may maintain or improve their quality of life.

Relationships are the foundation of our business. We at Pinnacle Personal Care strive to develop strong connections with our clients and their families. We develop these relationships through coordinating the right caregiver with each client, also through continued communication between office staff, clients and their families. We are problem solvers. Our goal is to help families find those much needed answers to life’s difficult questions. Recognizing that each caregiver has their own specialties and gifts helps direct us in coordinating the best staffing between client and caregiver. Caregiver education is a continual process. Caregivers participate in routine trainings as well as indivial client care training. We treat each client as an individual and thus every caregiver is educated specifically to each client. Our job and our joy are helping individuals thrive in their lives through the kindness and love of our caregivers.


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